How To Get Away With Murder Fandom

  • Expectations: Oh, snap. Look at all this diversity. It's gonna be like the Elementary fandom where we can squee and critique the characters and the plots! Can't wait for all the meta!
  • Reality: Ugh, it's like Glee all over again, even with the cute Filipino and rampant Black girl hate. I'm much too old for this shit. I need a drink.


its funny how so many black men openly hated macklemore and no one once said “why are black men so bitter and jealous of macklemore?” but let black women discuss how racist, untalented, and ignorant iggy azalea is and suddenly we’re all bitter black bitches jealous of the poor innocent white girl lmao

Anonymous asked:

Queer represent action might not be the most important thing but it's more important than any of the heterosexual couples on tv. Just because it's interracial doesn't mean shit because at the end of the day they're still het couples. Sorry to break it to you but stalia, scira and draeden are fucking boring because they're het couples that give nothing to a queer audience starving for rep. Mason and Danny and ethan aren't enough, but I suppose it's cool as long as you get your representation.


You basically just said people of color aren’t as important as I’m making them out to be